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1 - 2 hour Intensive  (valued at $97)

Love and Money Blueprint: Everyone wants more of both

Is kicking off their 1st Masterclass on May 17 @ 7:30 pm.

It’s time to create your DREAM BUSINESS.

Do you have an idea you’re sitting on? 

Don’t know how/what to implement? 

What’s holding you back?

2012 How it started: Relationship Expert supporting singles and divorced women to learn the key ingredient for their Soulmate  

How it’s going: I equip Christian wives, age 40 and up in resurrecting their dreams by taking what you love and monetize it. It’s The Reset Method  

10X your MONEY  by implementing the vision God gave you  

Alignment + Confidence = Cash

Guess what:  You have more to give. Come learn the blueprint for your Next Level.

It’s your turn.  It’s time to





This is for you:

It’s time to resurrect your dreams and walk in Bold Confidence.

It’s time to turn fear and self doubt into Action.

Share your God assignment with the world. You have a story to share that will support others in their journey.

This is what a few clients are saying:

Stephanie Rochelle,

You are a gift from God. Your incredible energy and determination inspires everyone you touch.

You are so sincere and non judgmental. I felt comfortable telling you my secrets that no one knows.

You’re amazing, I really enjoyed working with you. Thanks for preparing me for my Soulmate after Divorce.

Your authenticity and vulnerability gave me the courage and support I needed when turning my nightmare of trauma and loss into a business. 

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!