Mindset of Making Money Bootcamp

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8 weeks -  Mindset of Making Money for Realtors and Business Owners

My Cash Flow Bootcamp 101 is for WOMEN ONLY...ready to STOP SHRINKING, Build  Business Relationships and CREATE Cashflow in 2023 

Identifying your blocks with Money and Success is Key

The way to create wealth is by converting your old patterns of playing safe to a Winning Mindset  

If you know you need to do something different…this is the sign you need to Activate your Ability to take Action, Be Bold, Expect More and Get Accountability 

I'm looking for YOU!

  - Learn my System Step-by-Step

  - Reset the Vision for a new beginning in your life or business

  - Become an attraction magnet 

  - Become confident to take action

  - identify and interrupt money trauma

  - Learn how to have fun and make money with ease

  - Join a Community of Go-getters 

Learn how your current results match your level of belief.

Learn to interrupt and implement to create winning flow

Your belief/faith determines your Action — Your Action determine your Results 

Enroll NOW -
Be Open to Receiving the life you dreamed of

Set your life  up for a New Beginning

This is for you if you’re:

- Ready for More

- Ready to Take Action

- Ready for Work


God has a vision for LOVE and ABUNDANCE. Follow the path  


Make a DECISION to work with Stephanie Rochelle 
Accountability, Live Group Coaching, Clarity and Confidence to Interrupt old patterns of belief.