Divorced to Fairytale

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Four week course -  1 hour sessions. Manifest Love  -Your New Beginning Kit  - Welcome to Phase 2 of ELEVATE AFTER DIVORCE


The Secret to obtaining Love is resetting your Patterns and Elevating your Thoughts after Divorce. 

For Women only who are Divorced or Widowed - Ready to Manifest and attract your Soulmate

 Go from Divorced to Fairytale 

  - Reset the Vision for your new beginning/new love story

  - Become crystal clear about your life 

- You’re tired of dating frogs and ready to attract a King  I’M THE SOLUTION

Your Picker is Off - Need help, I’M THE SOLUTION

In this coaching session you will learn my proven formula to Elevate after Divorce   

Learn to reset old dating patterns 

Learn to communicate without emotion.  Your habits and belief system decide the love you attract.

Learn to STOP being dominant and controlling - Run the office not your Home

Learn to Increase Belief - Your belief determines your Action — Your Action determine your Results 

Learn to implement and complete short actionable quarterly goals so you get in a winning flow

Enroll NOW - Tuesday's at 9 pm starting June 7, 2022

Are you Open to Receiving the life you dreamed of

Set your life  up for New Beginnings  

This is for you if you’re:

- Ready for More

- Ready to lose the Fear and Trust Again

- Ready for Solutions

- Ready to raise your vibration to obtain the life and Love you dreamed about

Phase 3 Soulmate Matchmaker - shorten the time it takes. Implement Phase 2 as I will walk with you through your dating experience  One on One for those who want the VIP Elite experience  

Make a DECISION to work with Stephanie Rochelle 
Accountability, Live Group Coaching, Clarity and Confidence, Change your patterns. 
Be open and trust the step by step formula.